About the game

Pixelformer is an Android mobile game, published on the Google Play Store. Developed with the Unity3D game engine using C# as programming language. Pixelformer is a retro styled arcade game where the player has to move through the level and collect all
the pixels and diamonds. The pixels increase your score, the diamonds allow you to progress to the next level. The levels are built like puzzles and as you progress they become more difficult, so you have to find the fastest path to
keep your multiplier and maximize your score!


Pixelformer was first published in March of 2016. Using the feedback given by the players, I worked on improving the game all throughout 2017 and released a major update in August of 2018. This update included the usage of Google Play Services which allows
the player to join in leaderboards to show off their high scores to the world, and to unlock achievements. With the new release, the game has become free to play and implements advertisements. Visit the
facebook page to stay updated on future game updates and news.

Play the game!

Visit the Pixelformer website and install the game on your device to play!

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